108 Putter: The Next Big Revolution in Golf

Lower your scores with accurate & consistent putting! With wider sweet spot & zero point technology

The ONE O EIGHT Putter is a golf putter using “zero point” technology for enhanced accuracy and consistency in putting. This technology, similar to setting fixed pins in archery, helps golfers achieve the correct putting setup by default. The putter features a unique plate with two openings for three-dimensional alignment, allowing real-time setup adjustments at the zero point. Its cavity design at the top center distributes head mass for balance, increasing torsional resistance and expanding the sweet spot. Made from full-body 303 stainless steel using precise CNC machine cutting, the putter is both luxurious and eco-friendly. It weighs 390 grams for stable solidity and offers three head options (blade, mid-mallet, mallet) with a 3-degree head loft for smooth ball travel. Custom engravings are available, and a half-offset design optimizes the hybrid head for stability. The putter also includes a left-handed version and aligns with the Rules of Golf of the R&A. Its design principles increase MOI (Moment of Inertia), leading to a wider sweet spot and more accurate, stable putting.