125 Years of Red Ginseng into Vegan Skincare

The ancient herb from the East meets modern vegan beauty technology, the new Red Ginseng skincare.

LAB 1899 has developed a new line of vegan skincare products that harness the power of red ginseng. Red ginseng has been highly valued in Korean society for centuries and is believed to have numerous beneficial compounds. LAB 1899 has extracted ten types of red ginseng peptide that boost energy and vitality in the skin. The company focuses on high-performance products that deliver results. Their Red Ginseng Peptide Serum contains a groundbreaking formulation called Ginsenic Barrier, which has a concentration 2747% higher than conventional extraction methods. The serum can add youthful radiance to the skin after just one application and potentially reduce the apparent age of the skin by up to five years with continuous use. The texture of the serum is designed to adhere firmly to the skin and is highly absorbent. LAB 1899 aims to redefine quality skincare and promote healthy skin for everyone.