4URPC: Truly Plug-and-Play Wireless Transmitter and Receiver

Ultra HD Screen Mirroring丨Plug-and-Play丨Long-distance Transmission丨Wide Range of Applications丨Compatible with MAC OS, Windows, Android

The 4URPC offers a truly plug-and-play wireless transmitter and receiver designed for ultra HD screen mirroring, long-distance transmission, and a broad range of applications compatible with MAC OS, Windows, and Android. It features cutting-edge built-in 5G WiFi technology for 1080P high-definition resolution, facilitating one-click screen casting with no additional setup required. The device supports transmissions up to 30 meters, making it suitable for meetings, classrooms, presentations, and home entertainment. It’s lightweight, portable, and offers a seamless pairing process, ensuring a stable connection with dual-band WiFi for a low latency, high-definition home theater experience. The 4URPC enhances work efficiency by allowing users to choose between Mirror Mode or Extended Mode for expanded workspace options. It is equipped with a USB-C charging port for convenience and designed to reduce the burden on circuits for an extended lifespan, all while maintaining user privacy with one-touch screen mirroring and shutdown. This versatile device promises to enhance the audiovisual experience across various settings without the need for complex installations or configurations.

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