6-Color 3D Printer. Easy, Fast Separate & Mix Color Printing

Six-color, Blend, Gradient & Segment Color Modes |295295360mm Printing Size | Accurate 0.1mm Detail | 120mm/s Printnting Speed

The Rencolor 6-Color 3D Printer marks a breakthrough in 3D printing, offering a blend of innovation and versatility. It features six-color, blend, gradient, and segment color modes, allowing for vibrant and varied color prints. The printer’s large size (295×295×360mm) enables printing substantial models or multiple items in different colors. It boasts high precision (±0.1mm) and a speed range of 30-120mm/s, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. The extruder’s advanced features, including a 2-in-1 out configuration and a 0.4mm copper nozzle, enhance the printing experience. The hotbed’s ability to reach 100°C facilitates PLA material printing. User-friendliness is emphasized with an intuitive 4.3-inch touchscreen and compatibility with Cura/Rencolor slicing software. Reliability is bolstered by broken material and power failure detection features. Additionally, its cost-effectiveness makes advanced 3D printing more accessible, appealing to both professionals and enthusiasts. This combination of features makes the Rencolor 6-Color 3D Printer a versatile and innovative choice for a wide range of 3D printing applications.