AIR GRIP SPORTS SOCKS: Grip like Rain Tires!

Enhance athletic performance & safety with polyurethane pads attached in, out, and even on toes—providing non-slip grip with a snug fit

AIR GRIP SPORTS SOCKS are designed to enhance athletic performance and prevent slipping during workouts and daily activities. The socks feature polyurethane pads with microcell structure that act as shock absorbers, absorbing impact, sweat, and moisture to provide non-slip grip from every angle, even on the toes. The patented asymmetrical placement of the pads inside and outside the socks ensures a snug fit and prevents slipping between the foot, sock, and shoe. The socks are also equipped with breathable materials, cushioned soles, and diamond-pattern knit for stability, elasticity, and comfort. The polyurethane pads are designed with microcells to absorb sweat and moisture, creating a gentle grip between the foot and the sock. Research has shown that wearing AIR GRIP SPORTS SOCKS can lead to a 59% boost in muscle efficiency and a 62% increase in stability during athletic performance.