AlicHome Y6: All-in-One Dryer & Heater

Auto Power Off / Large Capacity-850W / PTC Heating / Hidden Wiring / 3-Speed Adjustment / 0.6-5 Hour Timer

The AlicHome Y6 Hot Cube is a versatile and efficient all-in-one device, functioning as a clothes dryer, shoe dryer, blanket warmer, and pet hair care tool. It features a unique design with four-fold collapsible grids, transforming from a compact 161615cm box into a larger 54231cm storage frame. The Y6 utilizes efficient PTC ceramic and aluminum tubing for heating, offering safety with no fire hazards and a long 50,000-hour lifespan. Its 850W power enhances drying speed by over 50% compared to lower-wattage models, and it releases negative ions for cleaner clothes. The user-friendly interface includes a 4.5cm diameter screen, and the device offers three adjustable settings (Care Mode, Low Gear, High Gear) for different drying needs. It operates quietly, with noise levels between 42.2 dB and 49.5 dB, making it suitable for various settings. Additionally, the Y6’s design conceals the power cord, promoting a tidy appearance.