Alizé Umbrella: The Ultimate Umbrella with Built-In Fans

Enjoy warm summer days with built-in fans & technology

The Alizé Umbrella is the ultimate solution for enjoying warm summer days, featuring built-in fans and advanced cooling technology. Combining sturdy construction with stylish design, this umbrella offers expansive shade and refreshing breezes. It houses large-diameter fans within a slim frame, utilizing an electro-mechanical blade locking system for powerful cooling in various weather conditions. Available in multiple models, including the St. Martin, Antigua, and Barbados, each with distinct finishes and fan configurations, the Alizé Umbrella suits different needs and preferences. It features adjustable fan settings, easy setup, and USB charging ports for added convenience. Constructed with high-quality, weatherproof materials, it ensures durability and elegance, transforming outdoor living with effortless cooling and functionality.

Alizé Umbrella