AmpAura: The Most Powerful Portable Home Battery

3.8-76.8kWh|3600-7200W AC Output|Charge in 1.1 Hour|10-Year Battery Lifespan|Cloud Guardian Safety

The AmpAura Portable Home Battery, particularly the Purea 3 model, is a versatile and powerful solution for various power needs. It features an expandable energy capacity from 3,840Wh to a massive 23,040Wh, complemented by a high power output ranging from 3,600W to 7,200W, suitable for powering a complete household. With 17 output ports, it supports multiple devices simultaneously and boasts a rapid recharge capability, going from empty to full in just 1.1 hours. The durability and reliability are enhanced by its LiFePO4 battery technology, capable of withstanding over 3,000 cycles. Additionally, it incorporates the world’s first Cloud Guardian System for enhanced safety and remote control functionalities. AmpAura’s commitment to innovation and sustainability is evident in its design, with the Purea 3 featuring a rugged exterior for long-lasting durability and being suitable for off-road adventures, home power backup, and off-grid living. This is further supported by the brand’s own R&D lab and advanced battery technology, inspired by luxury electric vehicles, making the Purea 3 a standout choice for those seeking a robust and efficient portable power solution.