Anfuote: Balcony Solar Energy Storage System

Expandable 2.6-21.6kWh |2400W Max Input |LFP 7000+ Cycles | IP67 Waterproof | 5 mins Self-Install

Anfuote introduces a versatile and efficient balcony solar energy storage system, designed for easy self-installation in just minutes. Offering an expandable capacity from 2.6 to 21.6kWh and a maximum input of 2400W, these systems feature the durable LFP battery with over 7000 cycles and IP67 waterproof rating, making them suitable for various outdoor conditions. With the ability to reduce annual electricity costs significantly (up to €1500), Anfuote is ideal for different residential setups, from apartments to detached houses. It boasts dual independent MPPT technology for optimal solar panel utilization, universal compatibility with MC4 connectors, and an intelligent app for energy management. Its UPS feature ensures uninterrupted power supply during outages, and the system’s smart energy flow management maximizes solar energy use, potentially offering significant savings and even the ability to charge electric vehicles efficiently.