AnkerWork S600: The Ultimate Companion for Your Smartphone

Qi2 Wireless Charging|AI-Powered Voice Filtering for Calls|16H Built-In Battery | 360° Sound for Music | 70° Phone Stand

The AnkerWork S600 is a highly versatile AI-powered speakerphone that serves as an ultimate companion for your smartphone. It features Qi2 15W fast wireless charging and a 70° phone stand for optimal viewing and charging angles. This device enhances call quality with AI-powered voice filtering that authenticates and isolates voices, and environmental noise reduction technology that has been fine-tuned with over 60,000 samples. Additionally, it boasts a 16-hour built-in battery to support prolonged use, and a 4-mic array that ensures your voice is loud and clear through automatic volume balancing. Designed with a premium metallic surface and a high-density mesh, the AnkerWork S600 not only looks stylish but is also functional, making it a superb addition to any modern workspace.