anyfree Hello Doorbell: Solar-Powered Smart Home Security

Classic Bell Design | 1km Transmission Range | Easy to Install | 2.4GHz/5G Wi-Fi | Night Vision | 1080P Camera | AR Effects

Hello Doorbell, a solar-powered, smart home security solution combining elegance and advanced technology. With a 1km transmission range, 2.4GHz/5G Wi-Fi, and night vision, this doorbell ensures seamless, high-quality surveillance with its 1080p camera and AR effects. It features precise motion detection via 24GHz radar, automatically recording audio and video while filtering out false alarms. Powered by flexible solar charging, it operates continuously without battery changes. The Hello Doorbell app allows real-time audio-video calls, customization, and instant notifications. Its retro design adds charm to your home, while its IPX5 waterproof rating and robust build ensure durability. Installation is simple, with options for adhesive or drilled mounts. With secure local and cloud storage, tamper alarms, and family account sharing, the Hello Doorbell offers comprehensive and reliable home security.