Be the Legends of Eastern Myths — Realm of Eclipse

With three different races, diverse units, and skill cards, immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of the Far East as the new ruler.

“Realm of Eclipse” is an immersive board game delving into the mystique of Eastern mythology, inviting players to assume the role of rulers from three distinct realms — heaven, hell, and middle-earth. As Emperor JIN and Yama vie for control, players strategically deploy diverse unit and skill cards to secure dominance in this enthralling battleground. The game accommodates 2-3 players, offering two maps for varied gameplay experiences. The prologue sets the stage, narrating a cosmic conspiracy and the emergence of the Five Guardians tasked with defending Middle-Earth. Players must strategically maneuver their units, aiming to seize opponents’ sacred equipment or eliminate rival factions to claim ultimate victory. Whether in the 2-player or 3-player mode, participants must deploy their resources wisely and tactically navigate the complex dynamics of the evolving battlefield to emerge as the ultimate ruler of the Realm of Eclipse.