Bebird Home 30S Smart Ear Cleaning Device

Safe Care For Every Ear Under One Roof

The Bebird Home 30S Smart Ear Cleaning Device is a comprehensive ear care solution for the whole family, offering safe, precise, and convenient ear cleaning at home. It features a flexible shaft for enhanced maneuverability, a 3.1mm camera aperture for high-definition visuals, and AR technology for easy navigation. The device includes multiple scoop heads for personalized use, ensuring hygiene with separate storage for each family member. It also integrates a liquid removal aid for targeted and effective earwax removal. The Bebird Home 30S is equipped with an external tweezer for removing foreign objects, a UV sterilizing lamp for hygiene, and supports digital remote healthcare consultations via the Bebird app. This all-in-one kit can save significant medical expenses and time, making ear care accessible and efficient.