Bello 2 – Your Personal Body Fat Trainer

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After the success of Bello1 in 2019, Olive Healthcare is now releasing Bello2. Simply scan the 5 spots on your body anywhere, anytime. Then, Bello2 keeps you apprised of your health by giving you the tools and information you need right in the palm of your hands.

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As you scan, you’ll instantly get important information about your body, including your body fat, visceral fat, metabolic levels, and BMI.

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Bello2 offers DEXA-scan-level accuracy and convenient features like easy-to-read app reports. It’s also FCC registered and radiation-free, and it uses noninvasive NIRS technology.

Bello 2’s algorithm can predict if a user has the symptoms below based on NHANES data provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (U.S. CDC, the largest health institution in the United States)

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Did you know that many people struggle with metabolic and chronic diseases? While prevention is the best option, not everyone succeeds at that.

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On top of that, Covid-19 has highlighted the risk of having chronic conditions such as diabetes, which raises the mortality rate of the virus. So many of us now have a greater desire to stay healthy and take preventive measures toward better health.

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Bello2 comes with a special body shape and wellness program called 9 Block Therapy. The program analyzes your health and body shape based on your body measurements. Then you can set your own health goals through the app.

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Depending on your goals, the program will find and deliver an optimal diet and exercise regimen to you. You can enjoy the world’s largest diet program, FatSecret, for free.

It’s an application service that lets users track their nutrition, exercise and weight. 

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Bello2 is truly a customer-tailored service-based health management device. With the 9 Block Therapy platform, it’ll classify your health condition and body type. And it gives you an individually optimized lifestyle recommendation. 

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Though it uses advanced technology, Bello2 keeps it simple. You can conveniently check and track your measurement results in the Bello app. 

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Bello will accompany you on your health journey. Easily manage and track your health indexes and diet and exercise regimens.

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Its automated BMR calculation synchronizes with Google Health, Apple Health, and FatSecret to compare calories eaten versus calories consumed. With this information, it suggests whether you should exercise more.