BlueNexus – Mapping and Path Planning Cordless Pool Cleaner

No More Tangled Cords | 165W Powerful Suction | Featuring 3D Pool Map Planning & Navigation System | 5 Cleaning Modes

Sublue’s BlueNexus offers the future of pool maintenance with its cordless design, advanced 3D mapping, and a powerful 165W motor. This innovative pool cleaner ensures a pristine pool with a 3.5-hour runtime and user-friendly app control. It’s adaptable to various pool types, shapes, and surfaces, and it excels at obstacle detection and pool wall protection. Five cleaning modes, including smart, floor, wall, all-round, and remote control cleaning, let you tailor the cleaning to your needs. BlueNexus boasts a speedy 17m³/hour cleaning rate and is cordless for hassle-free navigation and safety. It comes with a three-year warranty and provides top-notch pool care at an affordable price, backed by features like a safe lithium battery, a large-capacity filter chamber, a smart app, and OTA remote upgrades for continual optimization.

BlueNexus- 1
BlueNexus- 2