BondStove: Innovative Versatile Smokeless Fire Pit

BondStove is the most stylish and innovative fire pit: not just easy to cook but more ways to cook, a breeze to move & set up. This is why BondStove is the best fire pit for everyone – no matter you are a veteran or newbie.

  • World’s First Wheeled Fire Pit

Move your fire pit from your garden shed to your backyard & patio. Take it from your car to the campsite. Just brake the fire pit when you start to fire up – no need to change the wheels.

  • Smokelessssssss Fire Pit

The unique dual-air system allows you to relish in fireside experiences without smoky flame, no more smoke-smelling clothes & teary eyes. Our fire pit provides more oxygen to feed the fire and burns the smoke before it escapes from the fire pit.

  • Fast Cooking All-Around Styles

With Its unique grill pack (sold seperately), you’re able to cook like a chef. Just put the food on the grill, cover with the lid – just wait for your gourmet! Quick & easy, no more hurry-scurry. Put the tailored thermometer on the fire pit, cook food at a safe temperature & prevent overcooking.

  • No Fading! Burn It for All Seasons

You deserve a durable and beautiful fire pit. We adopt the water-based nano ceramic coating that is ultra durable and easy-to-clean. Your fire pit remains brand-new even after years of burning.

Made with heavy-duty stainless steel, our fire pit is super durable – used properly, it can last a lifetime. Pass it down to your children and grandchildren!

  • It’s Zero Installation

It is world’s easiest smokeless fire pit ever! No drilling, no tools, no fixation, just place all the parts on the fire pit – and all is done! After the initial assembly, you’ll never need screws whenever you use it! Even a child can assemble it within minutes.

  • Removable Ash Pan: Easy Clean-Up

We’ve got the removable ash pan for you! Just lift two handles and take the ash pan from the pit and clean out its contens – all is done, no special tools needed!