Brevoy Portable Espresso Maker, Brew Espresso Everywhere.

Boil, Brew, Taste 3-in-1 | Ground Coffee and Capsule | Rich Crema | Supports Double Espresso | One Charge 300 Cups | Portable Design

The Brevoy Portable Espresso Maker revolutionizes the way coffee enthusiasts indulge in their espresso on-the-go, combining commercial-grade precision with exceptional portability. This versatile device is capable of brewing rich, creamy espresso from both ground coffee and capsules, boasting a one-button operation for both instant and gradual brewing processes. It can deliver up to 300 cups on a single charge with its robust 9000mAh battery and accommodates a variety of brews including lattes and cappuccinos. Not only is Brevoy ergonomically designed for easy, single-handed use and enhanced by a slip-resistant grip, it is also IPX6 waterproof, making it suitable for outdoor adventures in all weather conditions. Furthermore, Brevoy sets itself apart with its inclusion of multiple baskets for different espresso shots, unlike other portable makers that require separate purchases, and its eco-friendly construction combines food-grade materials with a heat-resistant structure. Whether at home, in the office, or while traveling, Brevoy promises a familiar coffee experience with both style and substance.

Brevoy Portable Espresso Maker