BT-300: the modular 300W GaN laptop charger of the future

Made by creators and gamers, for creators and gamers | customize it with LED display module, Charging station module and more!

  • Size and weight

Developed based on the classified AHB (Asymmetric half bridge) architecture GaN technology by Semiconductor Labs, BT-300 is extremely efficient in terms of size and power. As the world’s first AHB GaN laptop charger, it outperforms all LLC architecture GaN chargers, becoming the smallest and lightest 300W charger on the market.

With only the size of a mouse, 325g in weight and 460g in travel weight (with a 1.8m cable and a US plug), it is unrivaled in terms of portability.

  • Power output and efficiency

If your device’s original power brick is no more than 300W, BT-300 can handle all situations

If your device’s original power brick is 330W, BT-300 can handle most but not extreme situations

Despite its small size, BT-300 packs a serious punch. An extremely high efficiency of over 96% makes it produce much less heat compared with standard chargers.

During our tests, BT-300 ES was capable of running at consistent 300W load with stable temperature, 220V input, 25°C room temperature. It was also capable of a turbo of 350W periodically. This makes it an ideal travel and commute companion for most creator/gaming laptops.

  • Extension Modules

The BT-300 is fully modular, that is, you can decide how it looks, and how it works. With an XT-30 DC port and a quick attach rail system, you can attach different modules to the device within seconds without any tools.

  • Display module

Bring life to your desk with this stylish LED Display module! You can view your BT-300’s current output, average output, and total output on a 2.5-inch 3D LED display with a live bar chart and a dynamic pressure gauge. The data refreshes twice per second.

  • Charging station module

With the charging station module, you can turn your BT-300 into a powerful 3-port PD3.1 charger with a total output of 258W, with 2 Type-C ports and 1 Type-A port. All for just US$49 extra!

It is compatible with all standard protocols, including PD3.1/PPS/QC/AFC/FCP/SCP/PE, etc. It also works with MacBook’s 140W PD 3.1.

  • Compatibility

BT-300 is compatible with 99% of modern gaming laptops of all major brands, including Lenovo, Dell (Alienware), Acer, HP, Asus (ROG), MSI, Razor, XMG, Gigabyte and Apple (140W PD3.1). Each cable cost around US$9.9, and you can get as many as you want.