Clarii mini, A Digital Wind Instrument & MIDI Controller

Sound of True Instruments | Compact & Portable | Easy to Learn & Play | Motion Control | Bluetooth MIDI | Interactive Tutorials

Clarii mini, a compact and portable digital wind instrument and MIDI controller that offers a diverse range of true instrument tones. Designed for easy learning and play, Clarii mini features interactive tutorials, multiple fingering modes, and an intuitive UI/UX layout. With the inclusion of motion control and Bluetooth MIDI support, it provides a dynamic and versatile musical experience. Its adjustable thumb hook ensures effortless playing for all, even kids. The instrument boasts a variety of Robkoo’s true instrument sounds, from classical orchestral essentials to exotic ethnic tones. Additionally, Clarii mini’s slim and lightweight design, along with its built-in speaker and headphone compatibility, make it suitable for practice anywhere. Motion control effects, custom fingerings via the JamKoo App, and Bluetooth MIDI connectivity further enhance its capabilities, enabling limitless sonic exploration.