Clevedog: An Unparalled 2-Way Video Indoor Security Camera

Built-in Monitor Screen | 2-way Video Call | Motion Detection | Instant Notification | Infrared Night Vision | 350° Pan Coverage

Clevedog is a state-of-the-art 2-way video indoor security camera that features a built-in display screen, allowing for face-to-face video calls with family members from anywhere. It boasts motion detection, infrared night vision, 350° pan coverage, and HD 1080P clarity, ensuring you never miss a moment. The one-click emergency call feature offers immediate help when needed, while instant notifications keep you informed of any unusual activity. Clevedog’s app lets you monitor and adjust settings remotely, and it supports up to five connected phones. With its extensive range of motion and local or cloud video storage options, Clevedog is your home’s vigilant protector, providing seamless security and communication.