Clever Tachyon: The Last Charger You’ll Ever Need

210W | Shock Proof | Select Charging Control | 4 Ports | Digital Display | USB PD 3.0 fast charging

Clever Tachyon is a versatile, high-speed charger designed to address common inconveniences associated with charging multiple smart devices. With a total output of 210W, it can charge up to four devices simultaneously, featuring three USB-C ports and one USB-A port. The charger incorporates innovative grounding technology to eliminate the electric shock sensation often experienced with non-grounded chargers, making it safe and comfortable to use. Clever Tachyon’s Selective Charging Control System allows for adjustable output per port, and its compact GaN2 material design enables real-time output monitoring. The smart display and transparent case add a stylish touch, while advanced features like AI smart output design and multiple protection circuits ensure safety and efficiency. This charger supports various modes for optimal charging of different devices, making it a practical and cost-effective solution for maintaining an organized and efficient workspace.