Clovy: Learn to Grow Food With This Smart Vertical Garden 🪴

Modular & Scalable Garden | IoT Automation System | Smartphone App | Two Size and Material Options

Clovy is a highly adaptable smart vertical garden designed for easy and efficient urban farming, available for both indoor and outdoor use. The modular design and scalable features allow users to customize the garden according to their expertise and needs. With two growing methods, including hydroponic fertigation and low-pressure aeroponics, users can achieve optimal plant growth while conserving water. The integrated IoT automation system ensures precise control over water levels, lighting conditions, and irrigation management, promoting healthy and thriving plant growth. Clovy’s space-saving design and sustainable materials make it suitable for various environments, while the educational app and access to the Hexagro online community provide resources and support for users to cultivate their gardening skills. Additionally, Clovy’s compatibility with the aeroponics kit and modular LED lighting enables year-round gardening, making it a versatile solution for any space or climate.