Cocinare : The World’s 1st Evolvable Portable Coffee Grinder

“Ghost Burr ” Conical Burr Mill / 38mm Conical Burr Mill / Upgradeable blade / All-Purpose Grinding

Cocinare has developed the ESSENCE GO B38 series, the world’s first evolvable portable coffee grinder, aimed at meeting the distinct grinding requirements and aesthetic preferences of coffee enthusiasts. With interchangeable burrs, customizable exterior designs, and 80 grinding scales, users can easily personalize their grinding experience. The grinder’s innovative design allows for precision and consistency in particle size distribution, showcasing its exceptional performance. Cocinare is committed to providing an all-in-one electric coffee grinder that caters to the diverse needs of coffee lovers, offering all-purpose grinding with a customizable scale from 0-80 levels. With its easily removable burr for cleaning and replaceable skin design for customization, the Cocinare ESSENCE GO delivers a personalized and convenient coffee grinding experience.