COMLAX: The First LED Patch with Stretchable Technology

Flexible patch technology follows your unique body curvature for a precise LED massage. Use anytime, anywhere.

COMLAX, a groundbreaking LED patch with Stretchable Technology, enabling it to conform to your body’s contours for a precise massage experience. Unlike traditional LED massagers, COMLAX’s stretchable PCB module ensures the LEDs adhere seamlessly to both straight and curved surfaces, maximizing light transmission and effectiveness. Boasting 72 LEDs in total, 36 per patch, COMLAX provides unparalleled light therapy, perfect for alleviating muscle tension in just 10 minutes. Its noiseless, non-vibrating, and non-irritating design, along with the option of wired or wireless use, makes it incredibly versatile and user-friendly. At just 8.8 cm x 6.6 cm and 31 g, COMLAX is portable and easily washable, emphasizing convenience for its users. The technology behind COMLAX lies in its stretchable printable circuit boards (SPCB), combined with an elastic electrode and semiconductor, enabling the device to function flawlessly even with significant bending or stretching.