COWZRY:Magnetic Attachment Storage Expansion Box

Essential for mobile photography, providing space for your creativity! Elevate your shooting experience to a professional level!

The COWZRY Magnetic Attachment Storage Expansion Box is essential for mobile photographers, offering additional storage to support high-definition, high-frame-rate video shooting. It addresses the frustration of insufficient phone memory, allowing photographers to maintain their creativity without interruptions. The device is designed for easy, quick magnetic attachment to phones, providing expanded capacity without the need for constant memory clearing. It features multiple ports, including Type-C and 3.5mm microphone ports, to enhance audio quality and ensure continuous power supply during extended shooting sessions, with support for up to 60W charging. Compatible with various M.2 SSDs, it enables fast data transfer speeds up to 10Gbps and is portable and compact, making it convenient for on-the-go use. The simple 30-second installation and MagSafe magnetic attraction ensure it can be easily attached to your phone without hindering your shooting process.