Cybersense: A “Cybertruck” style diffusers

CYBERSENSE, a fragrance based on Cybertruck. It has a mesmerizing scent, and you can place it anywhere, such as the car, office desk or the bedroom. There’s a special anti-slipping pad on the bottom of Cybersense, which ensures that the fragrance stands steadily even with an abrupt brake. Cybersense has also three unique and charming scents to fit with different atmospheres.

Designed a magnetic adsorption drawer, which allows the user to replace the inner core of the diffuser more quickly and adapt to different placement scenarios in a more convenient manner, including in the air outlet in Model 3/Y.

It is non-toxic, environmentally-friendly and has strong water absorption. It is also known as breathing soil due to its many tiny holes.

Apart from being used to diffuse fragrance, it has the following three properties:

Air purification: Remove indoor odors as and keep the air indoors refreshing.

Humidity Regulation: When air is dry, diatom mud releases moisture into the air; and when air is humid, diatom mud absorbs the moisture in the air.

Release of negative ions and infrared rays: This is good for regulating micro-circulation of human body and improving the sleep quality of people.