DeskBuddy – Never Miss a Meeting Again

DeskBuddy is the portable, personal assistant designed to enhance your productivity and simplify your workday.

DeskBuddy, is a novel, compact desktop device designed to enhance productivity by syncing with Office 365 and Gmail calendars to display daily meetings. This USB-powered device stands out by offering a clear, constant view of upcoming meetings, a feature distinct from the easily-dismissible pop-up alerts of standard calendar services. DeskBuddy alerts users to imminent meetings through a flashing LED light, which can be paused for distraction-free preparation. The device is easy to set up, requiring only a USB power source and a simple Wi-Fi and calendar sync process. Available in seven colors, it allows for personalization to fit any workspace style. DeskBuddy’s focused design, prioritizing schedule visibility, makes it an ideal tool for busy professionals seeking a reliable, non-intrusive way to manage time and stay on top of their schedule, especially for those who find it hard to keep up with digital notifications.