Dice Cubes: Fidget, Roll, Spin, & Play your way!!

Precision machined from Solid Metals, Dice cubes are a perfect companion for Fidgeting, RPG, DND and tabletop games.

Most of the dice have only been in plastic or from molded alloys. DICE CUBES, on the other hand are premium in look and feel and take its form from precision machining of Brass & aluminum. The dice are placed into a sleek Aluminum case and covered with a Disc Spinner which also has multiple games engraved on.

  • “D4, D6, D8, D10, D00, D12” cubes in aluminum or Brass.
  • “D20, D6, PNT 6 and Decision maker” on Disc Spinner.
Dice Cubes 2

UPDATED DISC SPINNER, Magnetic Twist and Lift

The updated spinner has D20, D6, PNT 6, Decision Maker along with personalisation options. A Knob is also provided for better grip to spin the disc.

Dice Cubes 1


  • Aluminum Case: A solid chunk of Aluminum 6082 is CNC precision-machined, sandblasted and Mil-A-8625 anodized for a premium finish, takes the form of a case to store the cubes.
  • Cubes: The cubes are CNC machined from a 20mm rod of Brass/aluminum to form into a dice cube of size dia 18mm x 15mm. They are then sand blasted and anodized for perfection and finally laser engraved.
  • Stainless Steel Disc Spinner: The Disc spinner has a knob attached for better grip to spin the disc. D20, D6, PNT 6, Decision maker games are engraved on the disc. The disc needs to spin and stopped to obtain a result.
Dice Cubes 3