DishKnob: Gas Stove’s Safety Sentinel with Automatic Timer

The intelligent and automated timer for your gas cooktop—avoid the risk of forgetting to switch it off!

DishKnob is a gas stove knob that features a smart and automatic timer, designed to prevent the risk of leaving the gas stove on and causing potential fire hazards. Compatible with 95% of gas stoves worldwide, DishKnob offers customizable alert settings, audible reminders, and versatile installation options. The device works in two modes, Auto and Timer, allowing users to set timers based on their preferences and type of food being cooked. With an elegant design, an OLED touch screen, and a durable zinc aluminum alloy construction, DishKnob ensures safety and convenience in the kitchen. Its built-in rechargeable battery provides months of usage on a single charge, and the universal Type-C charging interface makes it easy to charge. Overall, DishKnob is a game-changer in home safety, offering peace of mind and preventing preventable tragedies caused by unattended cooking.