DiveDrive: Explore the Underwater with a High-tech Scooter!

Control scooter speed at your fingertip! Make your underwater journey exciting with a powerful motor from our proprietary technology

DiveDrive is a high-tech scooter for underwater exploration, featuring adjustable speed control and a powerful proprietary motor. With the ability to adjust speed in real time using a finger-controlled trigger, DiveDrive offers effortless maneuverability and quiet operation, ensuring an uninterrupted underwater experience. The product’s lightweight design, equipped with a single spiral motor, delivers powerful propulsion, while the magnetic switch system guarantees long-term functionality. With additional features such as a camera rack, LED battery indicators, and an inclusive bag for portability, DiveDrive prioritizes user convenience and safety. Furthermore, the scooter’s dual mode allows for an even more exhilarating adventure, offering a free connector to backers pledging for multiple units. With eco-friendly certifications, DiveDrive ensures a sustainable and thrilling underwater journey for all users.

DiveDrive - 1
DiveDrive - 2