DOACE C1, Compact, Powerful and Affordable Kitchen Composter

Compact & Portable Design | Compost in 2.5 Hour | Odor-Free | Self Clean | Safety Lock | 90% Volume Reduction | For 95% Kitchen Waste

The DOACE C1 kitchen composter is a compact, eco-friendly solution for reducing kitchen waste by 90%, designed to fit seamlessly into any household with its elegant appearance and minimal space requirement. It transforms up to 95% of kitchen scraps—including food leftovers, starches, and plant material—into nutrient-rich compost in just 2.5 hours, thanks to its advanced self-heating technology that speeds up the process while reducing odors with an activated carbon filter system. The C1 is user-friendly, offering three operating modes for different composting needs, a self-cleaning feature for easy maintenance, and a family-friendly design that includes a safety lock and low noise operation. By converting food scraps into compost, the DOACE C1 promotes a greener lifestyle, helping to reduce landfill waste, methane emissions, and providing a sustainable way to nourish plants and gardens.