Doshka Monte – Cutting board with a service life of 15 years

Enjoy cooking on Doshka Monte boards. Choosing our project you will show your support for Ukraine and people.

“Doshka Monte,” a cutting board with a 15-year lifespan, designed to elevate your kitchen experience while supporting Ukraine. Now on Kickstarter, Doshka Monte promises exceptional quality and safety with its non-porous, high-quality acrylic stone surface that resists dirt, food residues, and odors. It preserves knife sharpness and serves multiple functions, including as a trivet, cheese board, cake board, pie board, and meat board. Available in various colors and textures, Doshka Monte is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning and boasts a modern, elegant design. Support our project to receive your Doshka Monte at a special price, along with gift bags for early backers. Enjoy the highest standard of kitchen equipment with Doshka Monte, a perfect gift for you and your loved ones.

Doshka Monte