DoubleDuty – A Dual-Mode High-Performance Sports Jacket

The DoubleDuty Jacket is a multifunctional outerwear with a dual design, adapting to various conditions. It’s suitable for all kinds of weather and occasions, and comes with a multifunctional sports belt for waist support and secure storage. The DoubleDuty also boasts a higher-performance HYPER version. Switch with ease to meet your style needs in different environments and enjoy the convenience brought by the DoubleDuty Jacket!

DoubleDuty 1
DoubleDuty 2

ATHLETIC MODE: Made of luxurious and comfortable silk composite fabric, combined with seamless integrated technology, DoubleDuty provides an excellent wearing experience. The woven “heat dissipation matrix” efficiently releases excess heat during exercise.

TACTICAL MODE: To deal with sudden weather changes, the ultra-thin tactical shell provides wind and rain protection for you.