Duo Cover 2.0 | The Ultimate Microwave Upgrade πŸš€πŸŒŸ

Transform leftovers from dreadful to delicious with zero splatter or finger burns

Duo Cover 2.0 is an innovative upgrade for your microwave that transforms the way you reheat food, making it tastier and more convenient while preventing messes and burns. This multifunctional tool serves as a cover, steamer, and storage solution, all while protecting against splatter and finger burns. It features a unique, space-saving design that can be either collapsible or non-collapsible, and includes a new accessory called the “Stow-Away Mate” for microwaves without a magnetic ceiling. The Duo Cover 2.0 now has a larger diameter to fit bigger dishes and a more aesthetically pleasing surface pattern. It enhances the reheating process by trapping steam, which increases humidity, maintains consistent temperature, and ensures even heatingβ€”reducing cold spots by 95% and speeding up cooking by 23%. Additionally, it offers easy cleanup and storage solutions, making it an essential kitchen gadget for anyone looking to optimize their microwave use.

Duo Cover 2.0 | The Ultimate Microwave Upgrade