DUOBO Coffee Machine that Simultaneously Extracts 2 Capsules

Create your own unlimited blending coffee recipes with exclusive 2-shot layer technology of LG Labs via smart app control (Temp/Volume)

The DUOBO Coffee Machine by LG Labs introduces a unique two-shot layered blending technology that allows users to create personalized coffee recipes through a smart app. This machine extracts two coffee capsules simultaneously, enabling intricate blending without complex preparations. Users can adjust extraction temperatures, volumes, and more via the app. The device employs a progressive extraction process, cross-mixing coffee from two chambers and achieving a custom two-shot layered blend. The machine’s display provides visual content during extraction, enhancing the experience. The app also offers detailed control over settings and future community-sharing functions for coffee enthusiasts. The DUOBO aims to provide endless coffee flavor possibilities, catering to individual preferences and enhancing the overall coffee experience.

DUOBO Coffee Machine - 1