DuoFlex, World’s First 4K Versatile Dual-Screen Display

Stacked/Aligned Display | Dual 24″/27”Screen | One-Cable Connectivity | One-Touch Daisy Chain| 165W Pass-Through Charging |7-in-1 Dock

DuoFlex, the world’s first versatile dual-screen display designed to enhance productivity with its innovative features. Available in 24″ and 27″ sizes, DuoFlex supports dual 4K screens with stacked or aligned display modes, adapting to various work setups effortlessly. Featuring one-touch daisy chain connectivity and 165W pass-through charging, it simplifies desk clutter while ensuring stable power delivery. The display’s flexibility allows for easy adjustment between focused work and collaborative sessions, complemented by a touchscreen interface compatible with DuoFlex Pencil for creative tasks. Equipped with a 7-in-1 docking station, high-fidelity speakers, and seamless video conferencing capabilities, DuoFlex offers a comprehensive solution for modern workspace efficiency and versatility.