DUOPONE, The Dual Portable Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Full-in-ear & Semi-in-ear Headphones | Bluetooth 5.3 | ANC Active & ENC Call Noise Cancellation| Real-time Sharing

The DUOPONE Dual Portable Wireless Bluetooth Headphones offer an innovative listening experience with their dual headphone capability, allowing for both shared and individual use. These headphones feature full-in-ear and semi-in-ear options, ensuring comfort and ergonomic flexibility. With Bluetooth 5.3, ANC Active and ENC Call Noise Cancellation, they provide superior audio transmission and an upgraded noise-canceling system. The headphones support real-time sharing, making them ideal for family or group interactions in various settings. They boast ultra-low latency switching between game and music modes, enhanced bass, and pristine sound quality. The multi-function smart touch button offers various controls, including Bluetooth name customization and dual-ear connectivity. The headset ensures swift charging, with a quick 10-minute charge providing 3 hours of use, and showcases an extended battery life for prolonged support. Its lightweight design and high compatibility with Bluetooth-enabled devices make it convenient for everyday use. Additionally, the headphones include Siri voice capabilities and offer hands-free operation for an enhanced user experience.