DUVOSS: a new generation of ultra-light and thin speakers

The second generation of DUVOSS speakers: more compact size / HD lossless sound quality / magnetically attachable

The DUVOSS speakers, heralding a new era of ultra-light and thin wireless audio devices, are designed for those who value portability without sacrificing sound quality. These second-generation speakers are more compact, featuring HD lossless sound and the ability to magnetically attach to any metal surface. They are ideal for outdoor activities, as they can be easily hooked onto backpacks or hung from various objects. In addition to their portability, the DUVOSS speakers boast impressive sound performance with multi-directional speakers that create a rich, immersive audio experience. They offer simple connectivity options, including NFC for quick pairing, and a one-button control for ease of use. The TWS mode further enhances audio quality by splitting two DUVOSS speakers into stereo channels. Durability is also a key feature, with a robust shell made of plastic and aluminum alloy providing double-layer protection against impacts.