Dwarf e-Wagon: Unleash Your Ultimate Outdoor Odyssey!

Dual 1500W Motors | A range of 20km | Wireless Control | Cutting-Edge Control | Rugged and Foldable

The Dwarf e-Wagon is a revolutionary outdoor vehicle, designed to enhance your outdoor adventures with its advanced features and robust design. Equipped with dual 1500W motors, it offers an impressive 20km range and is easily controlled wirelessly. Its cutting-edge control system ensures smooth navigation over any terrain, adapting seamlessly to challenges. The e-Wagon is not only rugged and foldable for easy transport but also boasts a large 180-liter capacity and a durable build, with a 600D Oxford fabric and steel frame capable of carrying up to 100kg. Its user-friendly wireless controller comes with real-time monitoring and anti-theft features. The vehicle offers multiple modes, including Electric Power Assist and Driving Mode, and is powered by a 288Wh lithium iron phosphate battery with a built-in intelligent energy recovery system. The e-Wagon’s durability is further enhanced with an IP54-rated sealed control box, making it suitable for all weather conditions.