Dxuscreen, The Portable Dual-screen Laptop with Keyboard

Dual 13.5-inch Displays | 2*USB-C Ports | Touchscreen | 48Wh Battery Capacity | Ergonomic Design

The Dxuscreen is a portable, dual-screen laptop designed for multitasking and versatility in both work and leisure. It features two 13.5-inch touchscreen displays, a hidden keyboard, and the ability to switch between three synchronized modes: dual independent screens, a combined larger display, or as an e-book reader. The device is ideal for stock analysis, coding, gaming, and reading, enhancing work efficiency and entertainment experiences. Its ergonomic design includes a carbon fiber composite housing for better signal reception and thermal conductivity. The laptop is equipped with a 48Wh battery supporting PD fast charge, ensuring long-lasting power and the ability to charge other devices. The Dxuscreen is ultra-thin, lightweight, and simplifies connectivity with two USB-C ports and a power port, catering to a range of user preferences and offering a streamlined, powerful dual-screen experience.