DynaCore® Fitness Training System

Serious core training that puts the FUN in functional fitness. Less Bore. More Core.

The DynaCore® Fitness Training System is a revolutionary device designed to make core training more effective and enjoyable. Its unique rounded frame promotes strength and stability, allowing for a virtually unlimited range of exercise variations that are ergonomic and reduce joint strain. The system offers a full 180° range of rotation and multiplanar dynamic movement, enabling users to work out at various angles and engage their core muscles comprehensively. The DynaCore® Trainer incorporates instability to enhance deep core stabilization and allows for resistance training to improve athletic performance. Customizable for different fitness levels, it features a patented U-shaped frame to alleviate joint stress and includes honeycombed elbow pads for comfort. Additionally, the system integrates a mobile app for personalized training and immersive gaming, making workouts fun and engaging.