EcoDasher Insole | Customized Comfort Made Sustainably

Creative customizable insole. Ergonomic Comfort, Support and relief. Made sustainably. Transform your shoes, literally.

The EcoDasher Insole is a customizable and sustainable insole that offers ergonomic comfort, support, and relief. It is designed to fit your footbed and correct foot alignment, helping to alleviate foot pain. It can be easily attached and detached, and comes with a selection of metatarsal support pads and heel shock pads, allowing for 20 unique combinations. The insole is powered by FIT Curves, a shape that enhances its structural stability while maintaining a lightweight design. The insole is made by FITPACE and is eco-friendly. The insole is made with algae and plastic waste, and is 47% biodegradable and 53% recyclable. With the EcoDasher customization kit, you can create up to 20 personalized combinations for your ideal step down experience.