EDGE Pro – Bring True Modularity To Your Workstation

EDGE Pro turns your laptop or tablet into an ultra-productive workstation, whether you are at home, in the office, or a nomad.

EDGE Pro features a completely new structure that allows it to be MagSafeĀ® compatible, magnetically detachable (so it can be used independently), strong enough to hold tablets and iPads, adjustable for increased visibility, and rotatable (so the same EDGE Core can be used for both landscape and portrait mode).

EDGE Pro is designed to be ultra strong: thanks to a complex array of thin N52 magnets, it can hold even the heaviest devices. Yet, it is as thin as 4 credit cards.

Simply use the included Metal Ring to make your phone or any other device compatible with EDGE Pro.

EDGE Pro Core magnetically attaches and detaches to your devices, making infinite configurations possible.