Eigen Fitness Nodes: The Wearables Made For Lifting

Eigen Fitness Nodes are the first full-wearable devices built exclusively for tracking your weightlifting workouts. Each Node comes equipped with cutting edge hardware to offer you unparalleled fitness tracking, helping you progress faster while avoiding injury.

Eigen Fitness Nodes do the guess work for you so that you can rest assured you are progressing towards your goals as fast as possible. Its advanced AI tracks velocity, power, ROM, and rep variation throughout your set, as well as past workouts, to provide instant guidance on weight selection.

Nodes actively calculate your current capacity and select weights to maximize your training efficiency, while avoiding injury. Nodes detect injury-prone movements using two techniques: Absolute and Relative Injury Detection.

One of the most beloved features of endurance-based wearables is data. Pace, distance, stride length, cadence — you name it, there’s a wearable that tracks it.

Eigen Fitness has worked hard to bring the same level of performance data to your weightlifting routine so that you can measure, analyze, and optimize every set.

The Performance Dashboard provides meaningful insight on each metric. You will be able to understand the difference between 0.6m/s and 1.3m/s on bench press, and how 230W and 280W lat pulldowns vary.