FinderOne136, The Fastest 13.6” LCD 3D Printer – 203mm/h

13.6” 7K Mono Screen | 203mm/h Printing Speed | 298165300mm Printing Size | Ball Screw 57 | Closed Loop Motor | 46um XY Accuracy

FinderOne136 is a high-speed LCD 3D printer that offers precision, speed, and convenience. It features a powerful 57 closed-loop motor and a COB parallel light that can achieve printing speeds up to 203mm/h. The printer has a spacious build volume of 298165300mm, allowing for large-scale prototypes and intricate models. With a 13.6″ Mono LCD boasting a 6480*3600 resolution and a 46μm XY precision, FinderOne136 can produce highly detailed and visually stunning prints. The printer also includes innovative features such as the Control System Box for easy servicing and upgrading, and an integrated screen protector module for hassle-free replacements. Additionally, the printer comes with advanced slicing software and CNC engraving capabilities for optimal printing accuracy.