FitMe: Advanced 3D Body Scanner and AI Trainer

Supercharge your fitness! Measure body fat % from your home and get actionable, personalized feedback.

FitMe, an advanced 3D body scanner and AI trainer that revolutionizes fitness from the comfort of your home. This innovative device utilizes high-resolution imaging sensors to create accurate 3D scans with over 900,000 depth points. Its compact design allows it to fit seamlessly in any home environment. Powered by an Al Computer, FitMe processes private 3D scan data in under a minute. The comprehensive fitness app offers personalized workout plans, nutrition guidance, and tailored fitness schedules. FitMe’s AI Trainer utilizes your 3D body scans to create individualized fitness and nutrition plans, ensuring effective and safe progress towards your goals. With security in mind, FitMe’s Al Computer processes scans locally, maintaining the confidentiality of your data within your home.

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