FlameShip – 3D Electric Steam Fireplace

It’s not gas. It’s not ethanol. It’s WATER! 100% safe, with a cold flame, and without harmful emissions.

The water-vapor fireplace is an electric fireplace with the most realistic artificial flame. This revolutionary ultrasonic technology is used to create the effects of flame and smoke. They consist of a very thin haze illuminated by LEDs. The light bounces off water molecules, creating a convincing illusion of fire.

FlameShip 1

Fireplace FlameShip symbolically combines the elements of fire and water. Its design is inspired by the massive ships of the past. The graceful proportions and dynamic lines of the hull provide the FlameShip with an aristocratic look and exclusive elegance.

Steam fireplaces do not require ventilation. They can be placed almost anywhere.

The hull is made of eco-friendly, high-density polymer and coated with a thin ceramic layer. All lines and curves are molded using high-precision 3D printing and fine-tuned by hand.

FlameShip 2