FlexiLid Modular Set | Reusable & Food Grade | Bowl & Cover

Extend Food Freshness in Just 1 sec. | All-in-One Multi-Function Set | User Friendly Container For Home Kitchen Cooking Storage

  • “Lid” the Trend

Revolutionize the way you store and prepare food with the FlexiLid Modular Set! This lid is revolutionary, it consists of a platinum silicone film that is extremely thin, versatile, extraordinarily elastic, and super glossy. Thanks to new technology, it is now only 0.5mm thick!

  • 3° Makes a Big Difference

The modular bowls are specially engineered with a 3° glossy slope on the edge. A tiny feature that brings a big difference! Seal and keep your food tightly stored for a record-breaking 14 days!

  • Mess-Free Mixing Bowl

The open top lid makes it easy to mix food without spilling, creating a more enjoyable and effortless experience.

  • Smart Slicing Set

By placing the dedicated ingredient bowl under the slicer, all the sliced small pieces are collected individually. Neatly and tidily collected!

  • Non-Slip Base

Rule your kitchen and avoid mess! The non-slip base ensures steady stability on countertops while whisking.

  • A Lid Beyond Your Imagination

The middle lid is not only a master of sealing, but it also transforms into a heat-resistant trivet! It can also be a grabber to open stubborn jar, or a mitt for hot oven!

FlexiLid Modular Set 1