FLIP BERRY NYANG: Use Your Memory to Get the Best Fruit!

Cute BERRY NYANG characters, simple rules, and plenty of opportunities for a comeback! The memory card game for everyone

FLIP BERRY NYANG is a charming and simple memory card game featuring the adorable chibi cat, BERRY NYANG. In this game designed for everyone, players meet five different BERRY NYANG characters on a quest to collect fruits. The gameplay involves finding opponents’ cards in numerical order to eliminate them, with the game continuing until one player remains victorious. The setup is straightforward: prepare and shuffle the cards, assign BERRY NYANG tokens, and determine the starting player based on a quirky ruleā€”the last person to have eaten fruit. With three rounds to play, special cards introduce strategic elements like swapping cards or secrets, offering players plenty of chances for comebacks. An alternative ruleset for 2-4 players includes a neutral BERRY NYANG, adding an extra layer of strategy without contributing to the score, making FLIP BERRY NYANG a fun and engaging game that tests memory and strategy in equal measure.