Foxpie: All-round sportswear truly designed for women

Foxpie uses innovative technology LYCRA ® (Lycra ®) fiber, which greatly improves the service life of the product. Different from traditional spandex, it can stretch up to 500%, and can restore the original state.

LYCRA ® (Lycra ®) fiber improves the fit and durability of garments, allowing them to move with you for long-lasting fit, shape retention and comfort. Whether you wash repeatedly, run it over and over, or soak in water, LYCRA ® (Lycra ®) fibers keep it functional for a long time.

It is designed based on the collection of a large amount of fitness data and muscle tissue distribution, using LYCRA® FitSense™technology to provide different strengths of support for the impact of various parts of the body’s muscles during exercise.

Foxpie adopts 3D version making, high simulation of the digital prototype sample can reduce the communication error between the design and the version, online accurate simulation of the size of the human body, wearing more fit and more comfortable. Even with strenuous exercise, the yoga pants will not slip off and do not need to pull repeatedly.

Support the“all day style”sport. You can wear Foxpie whether you are at home,office, gym or outdoors.